Saturday, July 24, 2010

I planned our wedding in 5 days...

I like to do things last minute.

On February 11, 2008 - David and I had a random conversation about getting married that weekend. (We were engaged, we were struggling with the finances and time pressure of planning a wedding).

We got married on February 16th, 2008.

We have had this upcoming week booked as "off" from work and daycare. but have made no plans.

Today, those plans became a trip to Florida. We are driving to Toledo Sunday, staying the night. it's only 3 hours away, but we think this will be less stressful. From Toledo - in the a.m. on Monday we pick up a car and drive to Florida. With the intention of stopping the night somewhere near Atlanta, but we'll see how it goes.

We're booked at a cheap hotel in Kissimee. It includes breakfast - but that breakfast is basically bagels, cereal, juice. It has a heated outdoor saltwater pool that is really big - and it has fairly good reviews. It's $29/night - but a 20-30 minute drive to the different places we plan to visit.

We plan to do only one day at Disney Magic Kingdom as it's $240 US for the "three" of us (Charlie is free). We have tickets for one day at Aquatica. Aquatica is a park made by Sea World, and it looks like the best water park for us to visit with little kids. And I wouldn't mind the 750 ft slide that plunges you through the dolphin tank in an encased tube. Looks really cool!

We have tickets for Medieval Times on Tuesday night (yay!), and for the Pirates Dinner theme show (apparently very cool!) on Thursday night. We plan to do the theme parks on Wednesday and Friday. Thursday will be relax and see stuff that's free day. Saturday we may do DisneyQuest or Epcot - we'll see what we want to do when that day comes.

We are planning on leaving first thing Sunday morning for Toledo. We may cancel our hotel for Saturday night and leave then instead. We return the car on Monday, August 2nd at 10:30 a.m. We then HAVE to drive the one hour to Detroit Airport to pick up Haley, Arthur, Thomas from their flight in from Colorado. They get in at 1pm. See why we are renting a car in Toledo, now? :) We need our van to get our entire crew home. Renting from London, Ontario was just as cheap - but then we'd have 4 extra hours and 2 extra border crossings to drive back to Detroit and get them. boo to that!

David and i have NEVER been to disney. Cole is the only one in our family who has!

We are renting a car out of Toledo for the 18hour leg of the trip rather than driving our van because a) it's only $200 Canadian with unlimited mileage; b) our van's air conditioning does not work and c) our van does not need 3K km on it without servicing and d) we'd spend almost $70 of that $200 in the extra gas. The $130 difference between the gas savings and the paying out $200 to rent is completely worth the 3,000km. I'm really glad


Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am not a perfect wife.

My husband is not a perfect husband.

Something I strive really hard NOT TO DO is complain about my husband.

I dislike that our culture - maybe our species - fuels women to get together and complain about their man. And do you know what happens when you point out all the naggilly annoyances of your husband? You draw attention to those "hotspots" that much more and you start to notice even more imperfections. It's a snowball that keeps getting bigger. It's a great way to grow apart.

People are not perfect. I am not perfect. Marriages aren't perfect either.

I get kinda irked that David frequently catches the edge of our hall rug with his foot and it gets flipped up and then stepped on. The rug is fairly new and getting destroyed at an alarming rate, because all the edges are curling upwards from my family of feet-draggers. It's really not a big deal, but I want him to step OVER that edge. One morning, I watched it happen, again, and I sighed about it, making some comment. He was leaving the house, and I went to leave right after him and I accidentally caught the edge, flipped it up and stepped on it. I had just complained at him for it and here I was doing the exact same thing. It was a great reminder that I have my own faults too. And David never points them out to me. Sigh.

There are days where I DO vent about my husband and appreciate sitting with a close friend and letting it all out. I'm not sure that it actually does any good, but I know that I make a conscious effort to mentally list all the great qualities about him right in the midst of feeling frustrated and I think that helps balance out a bad day.

So try and catch yourself before you say something critical about your spouse. I'm going to try harder not to.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camping is Evil

I'm all for spending time outdoors. I love being outside. And I like campfires. I love the yummy foods we make over the fire like dinner-in-a-can, fire cooked sausage, even pork roast tastes better.

My children love camping. They ride bikes, dig in dirt, wield sticks, hike, swim, what's not to like, right?

Camping is Evil because it DESTROYS my children's sleep habits.

We first took Anna camping as a 6 month old. She had been sleeping pretty much through the night. Or at least.. consistently 5 or 6 hours each night before we left for the trip. The trip ended, and for months afterwards she was up every two hours. Brilliant us took her camping the following summer as a toddler and I am pretty sure that solidified her not sleeping through the night until she turned 2.

Charlie went camping with us in June for a week. Before camping, the child went down for the night by putting him in his recently aquired "big boy bed" about 12 times before he gave up the game and went to sleep. He slept through the night almost every night.

Since our camping trip in June, Charlie has awoken at 3:00a.m. almost every night. At least 4 times a week he is AWAKE in the middle of the night for over an hour. Since going camping he WILL NOT GO TO BED without at least an hour long battle. He wakes up at the crack of dawn most mornings after fighting to stay awake until 10:30pm the night before.

We got back from our camping trip on June 20th. It's been a MONTH and we still can not get this child to sleep even close to the amount he needs.

Camping is evil.

Luckily, we've resigned ourselves to spend the rest of the summer camping as often as possible since we can't get Charlie back on track anyways.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to my humble abode

You've Found Kate!

Exciting, isn't it? Perhaps not. I hope it will be exciting, though.

If you've found me - you probably know me I.n R.eal L.ife - but as you probably already know, blogs are a great way to share even to those who you can pick up the phone and call, drop by for a visit, or, you know, sit around a campfire with until the sun comes up, the birds are chirping, children are emerging rubbing their eyes... uh, hypothetically speaking... of course (that would be crazy....).

If you don't actually know me IRL and have stumbled in - Welcome! It's nice to have you here. I hope you return, join in, and let me know where YOU are so I can jump over and say hello too.