Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Flyer Route

Haley has a flyer route. It was her idea to get the flyer route. She started the second week of June. She has already had 4 weeks off to go to Colorado, and now she wants to quit at the end of summer.

I believe this flyer route pays her fairly. Having done the route myself, I can do it in its entirety and earn $10/hour. Therefore, she is being paid "minimum wage" if she works quickly and I would be more inclined to agree with her desire to quit if the pay was unfair.

But I don't agree with her quitting. I think the lesson that earning money IS actually work and that jobs are NOT "fun" is a good lesson. An important lesson. And furthermore, letting her quit as soon as she realizes her job isn't as fun as doing whatever she wants on Thursday afternoon - is perhaps worse than if she'd never taken the job in the first place.

Putting together flyers takes her 90 minutes, during which she can listen to her music to pass the time. It is not exactly torture. Delivering the flyers - so far - has been in good weather and she is outside walking the neighbourhood for an hour and a half. She doesn't have to deal with coworkers (other than her siblings, whom she chooses to "hire") or an unfair boss. She has a responsibility and only herself to make it happen. The working conditions aren't so bad :) (although they might be in January).

$100/month is a lot of money to a 12 year old. A 12 year old who has, on many occassion, complained about her lack of funds and pointed out how she wants to earn money by doing extra chores so often in the past year.

Newsflash, Haley - *I* will not pay you $10/hour to clean my house (talk to me when you can clean it as fast as I can, then we'll see about that) :)

Tomorrow I take her to the bank to open her account and deposit her first two months of paychecks. We'll see if she has a change of heart when she finally has some money to go along with all of her hard work.


  1. I'd love it if my kids could have a 'paper route'. Just not feasible in the country.

  2. I totally agree. Don't let her off the hook. It's good character-building to keep at a job and get it done, then enjoy the fruit of your labour. Perhaps if she were saving towards something she *really* wants, it would give her motivation.

    But don't let her off the hook!