Friday, August 13, 2010


In honour of our youngest's 2nd birthday, I am going to post about his very "2" behaviour

Tonight, Charlie threw water in my face from a full cup. twice. He moves quickly, I'm still not sure how he managed to pull off the second throw. He was laughing in between and after and was in the bath at the time.

Tonight, Charlie started strutting his way into our parking lot. When I called after him, he ran for it - giggling.

If Charlie is done eating, he tosses his food on the floor. He figures he gets bonus points if you try to stop him but he still beats you to it.

Last time I wore a dress, Charlie discovered it is HILARIOUS to run up behind me and lift the back of it up. He did not do this once. He did it whenever David wasn't physically restraining him. He loves the reaction he gets. Unfortunately, it's difficult to ignore his lifting my dress up in public.

A couple days ago, Charlie ran up to me and smacked me across the face with a toy.. for fun. He was very sorry afterwards, but he thought it would be funny when he did it.

Charlie has a tendency to spit out whatever he is drinking...

Charlie is the only person who has ever (repeatedly) thought it was a good idea to tickle me. I hate to be tickled. He loves that I hate it.

Whenever Charlie misbehaves, he is very sincere when he says sorry. He also gives awesome hugs. Charlie is so unlike every other child in our family. Which goes to show how very different kids can be :)

We love our Charlie, he has more spunk than he knows what to do with. Which is basically our "problem" :)


  1. Funny, I have an online friend named Amy who has 6 kids, and her Charles is the one who keeps her hopping.

    Here's a link:

    If you do a search on Amy's blog for "Charles", you'll get a kick out of the pics and stories, I'm sure. Loved this post about Charlie, by the way.

  2. :D

    He's definitely a 'boy'. I love how all kids are different. Makes life interesting... even when it's difficult. ;)

    ^ You should read about Amy's Charles. It must be the name. ;)

  3. Aw this is such a great post. He is such a character, that Charlie :)
    And I love the picture with him milk full of mouth, where his look totally says "I am going to do something bad" :P

  4. I want to squeeze him!! He is SO CUTE!! I can't though, I think I'd permanently frighten him away if I squeezed him when I see you guys. I don't see you enough.

    Hmm, this is a problem.