Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day

It's the first day back to school for the kids and my day began at midnight, when I went to bed :)

And it continued at 12:58a.m. when I thought I heard a strange noise outside and .. since I wasn't able to sleep anyways, I got out of bed.

Next thing I knew, it was 4:02a.m. and I was still up and still not sleepy.

But I decided it was a good idea to try to go to sleep.

A few minutes later, Charlie fell out of bed and I went to put him back in bed and console him.

Then, as I lay there with him, I realized Anna had drank a glass of milk before bed.

When I checked on Anna, she had peed her bed, two pillows, but somehow her pants seemed dry. She was cooperative with getting changed.

Then I lay down in bed. For another hour at least. And somewhere around 5:30a.m. I fell asleep.

And I was awakened shortly after 6. Then again just before 7. And then between Haley blow drying her hair, Thomas yelling, and little feet running around giggling, I gave in and got up at 7:30.

Shower's are marvelous things.

As are school busses. For the first time, my children get to ride the bus to go to school instead of NOT walking because our house is 1.9km from the school. And the school starts at 8:15a.m. Instead of getting them in the van at 8:00a.m., I walked them to the bus stop. Coffee in hand, of course.

Coffee is another marvelous thing.

And now, my plan is to take my 2 little children to the park and have them run off every bit of energy they can so that they both nap today.

And I will be thankful that I do not have to pick up the children from school. They will arrive home at 3:20pm off the bus, which is a big change from getting the kids in the van at 2:30pm to pick them up.

That's 50 minutes of sleep I think I am going to need.

Except if I nap.. then I may just do a sleepless night all over again.

Somewhere in there, Anna and I are going to do our own little school. She should be in JK this year, but we aren't sending her. We can have fun doing some JK stuff, me thinks :)

She is currently trying to manipulate me into letting her watch a movie instead of the park plan. "Do you want me to be HAPPY Mama? I am not going to be HAPPY unless you let me watch a movie".


Happy First Day everybody!


  1. You sound cheerful enough, considering you had a sleepless night. I'd be grouchy.

    Our First Day has been postponed. We are cleaning out the trailer and setting up the wet tents to dry, and then cleaning the kitchen which will be a mess by the time we bring everything in. I'm hoping to have a swim later today, if the solar heating system does the trick. I'm not going to even think about starting school yet (BIG LIE... I think about it all the time... I'm just not doing anything about it) until we've finished getting the Great Room in order.

    The kids start piano this week, and they're going on an educational field trip (Marineland) so it's not as if they're doing NOTHING.

    Have fun with Anna and Charlie. I do hope you get a little nap, so you can cope with the evening. ((hugs))

  2. Last night was strange. I was up all hours with kids too. Something in the air?

    I am also putting off school and electing instead getting myself more organized. We really haven't taken a break anyway; math, reading and spelling were still done everyday in our house. (Almost, we did have some 'fun' days.

  3. What is it with sleepless nights lately??

    Our *first day* is postponed until next week. ;) This is our planning/getting organized week.

    Yay for fun times at home with the littles! And not having to drive the big kids to school is such a time saver. :D

    So, was Anna *happy* with her day today? ;)