Monday, September 6, 2010

The Long and Short of things

Last week I was pretty busy

with a pair of scissors

and a fine tooth comb.

There were some mangly children;

some of whom wanted to go shorter..

and another who never wanted

to brush her hair again and this was still too long

(yep, that is Anna chewing on an elastic)

(and no, I could not get her to stand up straight to pose).

And another who would like his mop to go longer

but I felt it was time to lighten the load on his brain before school.

There are still two children without hair cuts. But they don't need them as desperately nor desire them. And I gotta say, 4 was enough for me for one week.


  1. Good job!!

    They all look more grown up. Counting the minutes yet 'til school starts?

  2. Nice haircuts!

    I'm always afraid when someone asks me to "fix" their hair. I always say "are you sure you want ME to do it?"

    Then I make them promise they won't disown me if I cut their ear off or something.

    Then they decide to get someone else to cut their hair.

    That's probably for the best.

  3. Oh my goodness!! They look so much more grown-up! Charlie looks like a little man. :D

    And Anna! Wow!

    Nice job! We have to have some hair-cutting here soon, too. I just hate cutting off all the summer-blonde hair. Sniff.