Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Changes

I love September.

September is a great time to get organized, start something new, turn over a new leaf.

The big kids are all happy with their new teachers. I am fairly certain I have already forgotten to sign somebody's agenda, and get tired of 4 people insisting I give them $5 this.second for that agenda. But the kids are happy.

Did you know schools aren't actually allowed to charge parents for agendas? Schools have to provide everything they *require* at school without charging parents. They instead nag constantly for a donation of a certain amount, making sure the kids write it in their agendas everyday and bug their parents endlessly. I will begrudgingly pay this money. I pick my battles.

I was SO happy to get back to the library yesterday. We strive to go every Wednesday, but during the summer we didn't make it. Two years ago I could never have understood the level of appreciation I would have for public libraries that I do now. My kids love reading. I go without my little kids and pick them up from daycare afterwards. I take Charlie and Anna occassionally, and even though I am sure they benefit from the library experience, it's another battle I pick. As they reach school aged they will come with us every week.

We take out about 25 to 30 books every week. I find music and books that my little kids love. I find movies that are on our zip list ( that I bring home and then take off our list. I find a good book to read at night ( I find a book or two for me! We are usually in and out in under 30 minutes, with arm loads of books, and then my kids spend hours reading throughout the week. What is not to love?

September this year has meant back to Karate.. er.. for everybody but me. It was my turn to go last night, but the evening was just too busy for me to feel like I could take off. I am still dealing with first week of school paperwork that never ends and it took precedence.

September has us restarting our meal planning. Meal planning takes so much stress out of life with 8 people. You know what you are making, you know what to buy at the store, and you don't have to figure anything out in the afternoon for dinner that night. It also saves money - fewer things go bad in the fridge, and buying a dinner out instead of scrambling for dinner isn't an issue.

I made a meal plan for 12 weeks. It took me 4 hours to do, and I think there are still some holes in it. But it's working so far and the "new" for this year part of the plan is that most of the lunches are left overs from dinner the night before. My kids much prefer leftovers to a sandwich at school :)

September is awesome. As much as this summer was awesome - great weather, with lots of adventures - I am happy to see the cooler weather and the routine back in place.

What do YOU love about September?

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  1. Back to routine. I do like the summer break from our routine, but boy am I ready for it once September starts! :D

    Organizing things in a new "better" way. ;)

    No 30º weather. :)

    I'd like to start going back to the Library again. We missed the entire year last year - we were so busy with other things. But I do miss it.