Thursday, September 30, 2010

You're a Zoo!

Last Tuesday, the weather was gorgeous.

It was the perfect day to take 3 boys out of school.

Drive 2+ hours to the east side of Toronto

And visit the Toronto zoo.

Anna and Charlie have gone with me to the zoo several times in the past year. Haley had joined us out of school one day as well. Cole, Thomas, and Arthur, however, had not had the chance. We were lucky enough to receive a family membership from Cole's grandparents and it expires today. We have REALLY enjoyed visiting the zoo in the past 12 months. We did visit during the summer once, and it wasn't the same as the awesome trips we had last fall and this spring.

You see, outside of summer, the zoo is really not very busy. My kids can be 100 yards ahead of me during this time and I can still see them. We can watch animals for as long as we want and not be in anyones way, or feel crowded.

And another bonus: the animals are more active. Or they seem more active. It's possible that during the summer it is too hot and too harried to get to see the animals do much.

Watching this guy eat was entertaining. He's one of my favourites. My kids stood silently for several minutes letting him do his thing during feeding time and watching. It was peaceful. The whole day was pretty easy going, in fact :)

Anytime I can survive an all day outing with my young kids AND my boys and say it was easy going, is a good day. See how relaxed Charlie was? He napped for well over 2 hours. Without all the people around, he was able to sleep soundly.

And when we happened across a water fountain, there was time to investigate.

In fact, with how few people were around, i wasn't even really grossed out by the up close and personal approach Anna and Charlie were taking with the fountain. It seemed *gasp* clean.

Okay, maybe being drinker number 2 from the same water is not clean, but I'm not one to care about that when it comes to siblings (err, and their friends. Just ask Charlie and Jordyn and their matching coughs).

To cap off a nearly perfect day, we jetted out of the zoo and made it across Toronto traffic during rush hour with barely any delay.

No really.

I am not sure how it happened either, believe me.

We made it to the KW service centre and scarfed down some picnic leftovers in the warm evening sunlight on the last day of summer.

I topped them up with a cheeseburger from "Moo Moo Donalds" or "Old MacDonalds" depending on which child you ask.

The End :)


  1. Awesome.

    Looks like fun. :) Gotta love going places where people aren't. XD

  2. My favourite place so far, ever. I'm so jealous. The family pass is a great idea. My parents used to get us one too. Next time, take me with you! I'll drop whatever i'm doing, lol.

  3. Cool pics! Love the one of Charlie's massive shoes. :D ;) And the boys on the statue.

    It's such a great idea to visit the zoo when it's cool. Forget the animals - *I* much prefer the cooler weather, and am more active! XD

    Anna is killing me. She looks so grown up with the short hair!

  4. So happy you got to do that!

    Off season is better sometimes. I love the last picture by the way. XD

  5. Cool! Hope you have a good weekend! :) Shauna from