Friday, October 29, 2010

More Flashback - This Time on Friday ;)

This post is brought to you by:

35mm film, and in some cases - colour photocopying done approx 12 years ago of that film, captured tonight by my iPhone, emailed to myself, downloaded to my harddrive, uploaded to picassa web album, and linked here.

Charlie and Anna use digital camera, and Charlie's pics are from facebook.

And it only took me 10 minutes. Okay, 11, because I accidentally closed this window and have to retype all that.

I am not going to tell you who is who - but I think it will be very easy to tell :)

I think my kids look much more like their dad than myself, what do YOU think?


  1. AWWWW!! That's what I think. :D

  2. Yay for Flashback Fridays!!! :D

    I think Anna's eyes are more yours than David's.

    And I love baby pictures. :)