Friday, November 19, 2010

Eye can Flashback on Friday

I've had trouble with blogging this week. I posted two non-entries and the one that was put up I dated for Friday as a flashback and it posted immediately instead.

So here is my flashback friday. I threw a bunch of pictures from my Cole files on here, and decided to write about my evening last night. Then I decided it would be fun to get all the pictures to tie in to my story.

I'm pretty sleepy tonight. I didn't know that contact lenses could become trapped and unaccessible under your eye lid. Did you know that?

It was something of an eye opening experience for me last night when the contact lens I was trying to remove was no where to be seen. That was at around midnight.

I tried looking up towards the lens, because apparently that is supposed to help. But it didn't.

I can't really wear contacts because of my dry eyes. I had them in so I could spar at karate class last night, and wearing contacts is only comfortable for about 2 hours and I can ONLY manage wearing daily lenses with the highest water count.

This meant that I don't have any kind of lense/eye solutions.

And so, eye tried water.

I was hoping to soften the darn plastic thing and help flush it out.

At about 2a.m. I was standing over the sink in our en suite bathroom...

and I saw the two little open foil packets that held the solution the disposible contact lenses are packed in.

I'm fairly certain my husband, who I'd woken up at this point, thought I was pretty crazy when I tried to put my eye into this little pot of solution.

Because some things just look kind of crazy.

But wouldn't you know - that lens - which I only knew was somewhere in my eye, but I had no idea where, soaked up that solution and a few blinks it came out. It was camped in the outer corner of my eye, under the eyelid.

My eyeball was happy.

I finally was able to retire for the night. Unfortunately (because the evening was not yet unfortunate enough, I suppose) my Charlie decided that he needed to wake up and come into our bed.

And demand food.

And to get up and play.

But finally he settled for water, and his dad graciously took him back to his bed and somewhere around 3:30a.m. I got to go to sleep.

and somewhere around 6:30a.m. the children had me up. Needless to say, I wasn't looking my best today.

but that's life.


  1. That sucks. That sucks a lot.

    But, the pictures are very cute. :) I love the last one.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. That's a gross contact story. :P And no sleep really sucks.

    The second pic of Cole, the one of him in the water, him and you, and that LAST ONE!!!! I died of cuteness. That little suit is too adorable.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. If you have dry eyes you should be wearing contacts with the lowest water content because it has the least water in it to evaporate, I'm sure your optometrist know that though. Dailies are usually good for people with dry eyes. It's good you put the solution in your eyes to get them moistened, that's the best way thing to try first if you can't find them. I'm glad you finally got it out!

  4. Contacts suck large when they mis-behave.

    Do you know how very pretty you are my dear! Lovely I must say.

    Cole looks like he's ready to accept some kind of prestigious award in the last picture!

  5. The pool school pic is the best!! Cole looks like he has a self-satisfying secret. All smug and happy! Just delightful.

    And that last one. LOL

    The happiest birthday wishes are coming your way!

    Love and hugs.