Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallowe'en 2010

Pumpkins, candy, costumes. What is *not* to like?

Sadly, I missed getting pictures of Thomas & Arthur & Cole. (Haley did not get dressed up). My husband tried getting pics of them - and he sort of succeeded, I will put up his results. Also disappointing - I did not get a picture of my husband dressed up as a "ninja manager". Two boys were ninjas, and David must have been DYING to retry the "t-shirt ninja" motif. He wore a suit and a t-shirt wrapped around his head.

I am sure you are dissapointed as well ;)

I hope everyone enjoyed Hallowe'en this year! Parents were given hot apple cider at one place - a courtyard right by our house with 12 houses - and 3 places were done all-out with awesome costumes for the adults. That was our highlight :)

Arthur and his very cool pumpkin.

Thomas as Captain Rex - no pumpkin pic, sorry :(

Cole and his fire breathing pumpkin. (Collaborative effort).

Anna as (of course) princess Aurora. And her princess pumpkin

Elmo Charlie and his Moon! and Star! Pumpkin

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  1. Nice costumes! :D

    Love the pumpkins. We missed out this year - when I went to get some, they were sold out. :/