Monday, November 8, 2010


Tonight I attended a presentation about the Grade 8 Quebec trip. It looks like a really fun trip, and I am a little sad that I did not get to go on my classes trip back in Grade 8.

Haley, however, will get to go on this trip. She is a bit of a worrier, that Haley. She would point out something during the presentation that I might not have noticed that she thought might be a deal breaker and I would say: (whispering, of course).


"Relax. You are going!".

So this post is about Haley. The most level-headed grade 8 girl I have ever met. Avert your eyes if you do not like bragging :)

Haley now does her flyer route of 170 houses efficiently without any kind of reminders or prompting. She has stuck it out!

Haley gets the most glowing report cards, I wonder how many of her teachers would like to adopt her.
I don't mean that she's a straight A student (although, she is). But she participates, asks questions, solves problems with classmates.

Haley is *almost* as tall as me.

Haley wears a size 12 women's shoe.

Yes, really.

Haley loves her family. And of course, we love her.

Haley is a purple belt and has learned basics in 4 weapons.
Haley lets us sleep in on a Saturday morning by pouring cheerios and milk. Of course, she gets perks for this :)
Haley is a remarkable kid, and I'm very proud to call her one of "mine".
even though I'm way to cool (young) to be her "real" mom.
And I felt pretty out of place in that gymnasium full of 40 year olds tonight. I'm 27 and this is my daughter, yep. hehehe.

Haley turns 13 this month.
Can you believe it? I can't. She was 6, turning 7 when I met her.


  1. Haley is such a special kid. You guys are lucky to have her around. Hopefully she stays as awesome as a teenager. :)

  2. Yay Haley! :D Woot-woot! Great job sticking it out on that paper route.

    A class trip to Quebec would be fun. :)

    No, I can't believe she's turning 13. O.o That means David is SO. OLD. :P

  3. I don't mind bragging at all when the bragee (is that a word?) deserves it! Way to go Haley! :)

  4. She's good people. :) We are all very proud, yep.