Thursday, December 16, 2010

5 Pictures from Today

I do plan to continue with my last 3 posts (is it three?) but I am taking a short break.

I had fun making this picture look older. We did fork out the $10 for a 5x7, but I was able to snap a few shots myself :)

We had to take them somewhere in their newly made shirts. Handprints and footprints make up the antlers and reindeer faces. That was what we did on Tuesday :)

Finally. tooth #3 fell out - a top tooth! All I want for Cwissmiss is my (one) fwont toof. His other isn't wiggly yet. Don't mind the cookie crumbs, I made him stop eating christmas cookies so I could take a picture.

I think the missing top tooth is pretty stinkin' cute.

New freezer. Filled with meat. They filled our other chest freezer as well. Oh, and apparently about 1/3 of the meat will have to come to us when we have more room. Life with a big family!
Meat is from local farmers, no antibiotics, organically fed animals. Company brings in freezer and does all the set up themselves.

Canned food. Pasta. Jam. And toilet paper, clearly. Missing from this picture: the years supply of coffee, sugar, cooking oil, ketchup (24 1.5 litre bottles), mac and cheese, canned tomatoes, rice, tuna, I'm not sure what else. We have to figure out where we want to store this stuff. It's a LOT.

Today - was also a christmas concert at the school and I had a wonderful night out with my husband and friends AND left my kids home and they did fine. Haley wasn't even frazzled when we got back :)


  1. Those shirts are adorable! What an awesome idea.

    Yay for Cole! That's a far better hole in the head than I expected. Usually when I hear "hole in [child's] head" I think they fell against a sharp-cornered table or something. Not good for Christmas pictures.

    Holy food supply, Batman. O.O

  2. Come on. Share the company's name. Puh-leez. :D

    I love Santa pictures, even though we didn't really do that growing up. We took our kids this year too. They were so quiet!
    Heidi promptly asked Santa where his reindeer were, quite sad they weren't with him.

  3. Awww!! Those shirts are adorable! :D

    Holy frozen meat! O.O Who did you get it through? Is it just beef, or other meat as well? We'd like hormone free/organic pork. ;)

    Yay for tooth #3! :D Michael's third tooth is wiggly... he's 6. ;)