Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas Eve. Yes, it's February.

I am NOT going to write.

I am going to post pictures from Christmas Eve. Two nights ago, I came across the pictures in my computer from Christmas Eve through New Years, and I had NOT looked through them yet. Sadly, I only have pictures of Anna and Charlie right now. The other kids weren't there :(

Charlie was excited to open a present on Christmas Eve.

Anna - excited to get pyjamas.

Joe - in his new cat tree. Look closely, you will see that the Christmas tree is not the only one decorated for the holidays.

Charlie - who has too many pjs to even cram in his drawer, received underwear. Lightning McQueen underwear. He put the red pair on over top of his pants after donning the hat. He knows it's funny.

But this year there were TWO presents for Christmas Eve. These blankers squeaked and roared at Mommy from the store: Buy me! Buy me! You must buy me! Naturally, I listened.




  1. Awesome tradition.

    And Joe looks amazing!! What a lucky cat.

    Your kids are cute. No, cute's not enough.... Adorable? Beautiful? Yes. Those work better;)

  2. Sweet blankets!!

    Love that the cat had decorations too, and he does look very healthy. :D

  3. I guess you can take a barn cat and citify him. He looks great!

    I agree with David: Like!

    Anna is beautiful. Her eyes... Wow!

    Charlie is a ham.

  4. Love that first pic of Charlie!! XD Hilarious. And Anna has the best grin. :)

    *AWESOME* blankets.

    And the kids were so happy to see Joe on his new tower. Becky said "He looks so happy now that he's not getting attacked!" ;) He does look happy and healthy. Yay! :D