Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Post-Valentines Day story

My husband picked me up for our first date in a red station wagon, after we'd connected over lavalife earlier that day. An online "smile" turned into a 2 hour MSN conversation, which ended in dinner plans for that evening.

My best friend, who was later my maid of honour in our wedding, agreed to babysit Cole for me so I could go out and she also asked if I had completely lost my mind, meeting someone who already had 3 children :)

We talked through 8 hours of dinner and drinks and desserts and coffee. That was November 21, 2004 and I would say from the moment we met, we were both forever changed and we both knew that, whatever the future held, we were in it with eachother.

Not too many months later, we were engaged. We wanted to get married for a long time before we could plan a wedding. Unfortunately, financial, legal, and time availability constraints made the prospect of planning a wedding very very difficult. And so wedding plans were back burnered, as we continued to live life raising 4, then 5 children, running a business, finishing my degree. As it became more feasible to plan a wedding, something became very obvious:

I had no desire or time to try to plan an event for 100+ guests, orchestrating the details including the planning for 5 young children whereabouts and involvement in a ceremony and reception.

That is how it came to be, that, as the title of one of my first blog posts states: I planned my wedding in 5 days.

You read that right, 5 days.

We had nothing already set up in order to get married, other than knowing who we wanted to ask to be attendants. One Tuesday afternoon, I was suddenly struck by the idea that we should just go somewhere and get married. The conversation probably went something like this:

"Hey! What do you think about getting married this weekend?"

"What?... how? where? this WEEKEND?"

"Yeah. Why not?"

And so, that is exactly what we did.

I can't say that the 5 day wedding planning system is for every body. In those short days we researched and booked a chapel in Niagara Falls, contacted a few close family members and friends, arranged a hotel, I found and purchased a dress, flower girl dresses and shoes for Anna and Ryleigh (our neice). After we purchased dress shirt and ties for David and his Best man, we then coordinated a maid of honour dress via telephone with my best friend. We had to choose rings and get them sized, chose vows and ceremony readings. We found a restaurant and arranged a dinner menu for 26 people. Put together hotel-room gift baskets for our guests, bought flowers and made my own bouquet (and one for my maid of honour), made the men's buccaneers. In 5 days! And one of those days was our wedding day ;)

5 days worked for me. There was no time to mull over details and second guess decisions on what colour flowers or the salad served with dinner.

The weekend was memorable for us. I felt very blessed to have the people who made it, people who were able to drop their weekend plans and travel - in the winter - to be with us. There are many more people I would love to have included, who did not get to join us. The quick and relatively quiet event was what we needed to do for us. I would not change a thing...

.. except maybe for the forgetting to put someone in charge of the 24 month old flower girls after they walked down the aisle. The ceremony was performed in competition with chattering little girls playing behind the chaplain. It made for a pretty funny wedding video.

One day we hope to renew our vows and throw a big party with everyone we would have loved to have at the wedding itself. Perhaps in 7 more years, on our 10 year anniversary. That might give me enough time.

So, in case you did not know - or did not guess - today is our anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, David!




~~ February 16, 2008 ~~


  1. Short planning is better.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Yay!! :D Happy Anniversary!

    It was a beautiful wedding. And the girls in the background were cute. :) And I *still* love your dress.

  3. Awwwww. So sweet.

    You guys have a great story.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  4. A good life lesson is "Always have plans for the 2 year old."

    I think the second coolest part is hearing the stories of the spontaneous mini vacations that our friends and family got to enjoy. If I recall a few Billsons REALLY enjoyed the winery tours:)

    Best part was marrying my dream girl.