Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arabian Nights

As much as I love capturing adorable, happy, smiling children with my camera, sometimes I take pictures of unhappy kids to remember something that made them sad - just like the picture of Anna with her Goofy drawing.

Now it's Charlie's turn.

We went to Arabian Nights in Orlando as our "Anniversary Dinner". It was a good show. We watched Medieval Times and the Pirates Dinner shows on our last visit, and this one was quite a bit different.

When we called and booked the tickets, the woman told us that the show was at 6pm.

When we arrived at the appointed time (5:15) to get our tickets... the parking lot was deserted.

I found a back entrance, wandered around, found an office, and learned "oops, the show isn't actually until 8:30 tonight"

I have a bit of a life mantra goes: "don't stress out about things you can't change" and I generally find ways to roll with the punches. That being said, this was frustrating news for a family with 2 young children. The woman in the office told me that I was not the first person who was misinformed that morning and that she was very sorry. I might have seen if they wanted to make it up to me by giving us free drink tickets, but seeing as we already had 6 free drink tickets, I just walked back to the car.

I returned to our car where the 2 1/2 year old son (who had missed his nap) was sitting in his car seat demanding dinner. I broke the news to David and we tried to find something to do.

We drove through Celebration - which was interesting, to say the least :) Charlie took an evening nap in the car and Anna and David braved the picket fences and perfect neighbourhood of Celebration to join in with some kids at a park. We returned to Arabian Nights two hours later and our kids enjoyed the show. It was a good show!

At the end of the show, however, Charlie realized how tired he was...


One of the things I keep "learning" as a parent, and then forgetting - is not to bother asking questions of your children if you aren't going to accept their answer.

"Charlie - are you going to sleep on the floor?"

"yes. i want to sleep on the floor"

It was a long walk to the car, with a 2 year old screaming NOOOOO I WANT TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOOOOOR! It was pretty funny, but I felt badly for Charlie who was sooooo tired.

Just moments before the utter collapse of toddler exhaustion:

And a few pics from the show:


  1. His face made all my mommy nerves go into fix it mode!

    He's perfectly cute, even tired.

  2. Awww! It's a cute tired face. :)

  3. Great pictures!!! I LOVED Medieval Times when I saw it in Toronto :)
    I agree, taking pictures only of happy times eliminates the "other" times that make them who they are! I'd like to remember it all. And in Jeremy's case, I use that to remind myself that "yes I AM done having children!" hahaha ;)