Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Confession #1: I bought one of these:

(It's a night light - and it wasn't .. exactly... a frugal purchase :) ) I hope they don't mind that I stole their pics ;) (I doubt it - it's kind of free advertising, right? :P )

Why did I buy this? To (hopefully) make my life easier. I find it very difficult to get Charlie to go to bed at the time he needs to, because older children are still up. He also tends to wake up way too early. I'm willing to bet (the money I spent..) that this light will work with his Charlie brain. It's very "him".

I don't actually have it yet ... and I really hope I don't have to pay customs on it. That would make me cranky.

Confession #2:

I was beyond cranky at Charlie yesterday. We had a great morning. But I did everything I could to get him to go down for a nap for 2 1/4 hours before I gave up.

This is what I get for
a) mentioning recently that he is a good napper (he was)
b) what I get for commenting at a few points in recent months that Charlie can't get under my skin.

Truthfully - I never said he *can't* .. it's just that it is very rare. But yesterday had me googling:

"meditation thoughts to avoid strangling 2 year old"
"my 2 year old is driving me crazy"

I'd like to say this isn't true.. but it is. I was turning to google to help me from my inner rage.

Somehow I made it through without losing my temper on Charlie, however.

I wish I had taken a picture of what happened to my bedroom in the process. Imagine a bookshelf and rocking chair, with 12 toy bins, his bike, a fire truck, a toy motorcycle, a transport truck, a cars suitcase full of toys, all piled around.

I finally resorted to "If you choose to get out of bed, you are choosing to have a toy taken away".

As evidenced by the listing of items that ended up in my bedroom - you can guess how well that worked.

It did work in a way, however. At bedtime last night, we told him he would be choosing to get back all of his toys if he chose to stay in bed (notice the CHOOSE language - it's my thing right now ;) ). He did better at bedtime. Ideally, even though he pretended not to care about the toys - he was very happy to get them back this morning and will hopefully choose differently at naptime tomorrow.

Confession #3

After I piled almost all of Charlie's toys in my bedroom yesterday at "naptime" with no effect, I turned to food.

"Charlie - if you choose to get out of bed again, you aren't getting dinner!"

Charlie: "What?! Mommy! NOOOOOO! *cries* Noooo Mommy! I want dinner!"

He didn't care about the toys..

... I vented to David in an email : "Your son didn't care about his favourite toys, but I take away food and he takes notice. Apparently food is his "currency". Damn your genetics!"

This caused David to laugh out loud in the conference he was at. Hehehe, oops.

Empty threats are dumbParentingMoves. But, since I'm exempt from being perfect... I gave him such a threat. And (of course) I didn't follow through with it.

He seemed upset enough that I wouldn't let him have a snack before dinner. *shrug*

Care to confess anything? Please do!


  1. That looks really, really cool! :D

    Ummm... doesn't everyone get cranky at their two year old occasionally?? If not... they're lying. ;)

    I will say that I very much enjoy taking Ethan and Rebekah to dance class every week... it gives me a couple "Hannah-free" hours. ;) I love her to pieces... and I love my tiny break.

  2. I totally get it. Google can be an excellent distraction from your brain yelling at you to just deal with it! Sometimes there's no dealing with a toddler....and some grown ups too.....I find I just let them rant and keep myself calm knowing they'll be out of my house soon.