Monday, March 7, 2011


We visited DisneyQuest while we were in Florida. There is an animation workshop, where for 30 minutes you follow along with an animator to draw a Disney character. Anna was very eager to join in.

She followed along. For 30 minutes! Drawing one thing! And for 29 of those minutes, she was crying.

Do you see that picture of Goofy that Anna drew? She was almost 5, she DREW that! (yes, I did help with parts of it, but I can not take credit for it)

Do you see the look on her face?

That sad expression is toned down from the misery she experienced drawing that picture. Her picture wasn't good enough. (in her eyes, of course it was wonderful in ours!)

My daughter is determined.

Determined. Determined. Determined.

I admit, at times it is exhausting and frustrating and overwhelming for me to deal with her determinedness.

But I also am proud of her, of course. Her desire to perfect things and her ability to notice differences and her will to do things beyond her ability... those traits are why she was riding a 2 wheeler at age 4, why she seeks to help me just to be appreciated, why she thrives on the challenges of dance, karate, and gymnastics.

Anna's determination may be what wins over her shyness. Anna is, actually, no longer what I would call "shy". Because she actually loves chatting with people and being social.

Instead, she is anxious. Anxious anxious anxious. She does not seek the attention of anyone she is not completely comfortable with. She is silent around most people. So much intensity in such a little girl - but I watch her fight her anxiety with her determination.

I feel so blessed to have 6 amazing children in my family. They are all such awesome people, and they are all so different. There are traits that are shared, but they all stand out as individuals in drastic ways.

One of Anna's individual traits in our house is her determination.


She shares that with her mother.
(but I don't think I cried that my pictures were not good enough at age 4, I could be wrong..)


  1. I'm positive that if you think back really really hard you'd find a moment where you shared your little girls frustration.

    Just saying. :P

    Blessed you are my dear. :)

  2. She did such a good job!! :D

    You? Determined? Really?? Shocking.