Monday, March 14, 2011

Macaroni, Please!

Do you know what I love? Family traditions.

They can be simple. In this post's example: Letting the Birthday child pick the family dinner on their special day.

For Anna's recent birthday, she chose macaroni and cheese.

I served peas with the mac and cheese. (I swear, I am a responsible parent who serves balanced meals.. and never just "ice cream" for dinner.. I have never done that ... this year... ;) )

Typically, my children like their veggies so much they eat them FIRST - which is why the plates just have yummy mac and cheese on them :)

No, you can not have any of my children, but I can loan them too you.

Do you know what makes that birthday girl happy? Clothes.

See what I mean?

Something else makes her happy.

Princesses. She seemed pretty happy with the Aurora Doll.

One more thing makes a birthday girl happy:

Cake. Chocolate cake. It looked like a giant cake donut. It tasted even better.


  1. Happy kids! Great traditions!

    Love the fake smiles on a couple of the kids. Reminds me of Matt. And Daniel. :D

  2. That's a tradition that we have too :) It's small but it means a lot to them!!
    Great pictures, you're kids ARE awesome!!

  3. We have the same tradition. Birthday kid chooses the meal. Love Anna's face... Glad she had a Happy Birthday.

  4. That's our tradition, too. :D It usually ends up being pizza. ;)

    Love Anna's face! Priceless. :D

  5. We should swap for a day. That would be fun. ;)