Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Laundry Party!

If you come to our house on a Sunday evening, you may witness something pretty bizarre. Except, if you were visiting us, we probably wouldn't do this since.. well, you'd be visiting.

What you would see if you were at our house and .. invisible? ... is David and I round up our children, shouting "Laundry Party! Woooo! Let's go!!! Everybody in our bedroom, yayyyy I'm soooo excited!"

Our children roll their eyes.

And trudge into our bedroom.

Beholden to them, is a mountain of laundry on our bed. It is an entire weeks worth of clean laundry. It's often so big, *I* can't see over the top of the pile.

They groan at how big the pile is.

I mention that if they spilled less food on their clothes and sat in less mud, maybe there would be less to wash.

They assemble themselves standing around the bed, each with a laundry basket. And they pull out everything that is theirs and put it in their basket. They toss over what belongs to others.

All socks get tossed into one bin and set aside as we go. I fold and put away Charlie's laundry, David's and my dresser-stuff, and toss over the hang up stuff to David who hangs it up. Oh, David also plays bouncer to Charlie - who - as much as we'd LIKE to include him, wreaks absolute havoc on the process.

Never invite a 2 year old to your laundry party. It's like feeding gremlins after midnight. DO NOT DO IT!!

What is positively brilliant about this procedure is that what would take me at LEAST 4 hours spaced out throughout the week takes 30-35 minutes.

After the laundry is sorted, the socks get dumped out. Everybody grabs their's and pairs them. Previously odd socks get brought out and matched in, and socks that don't find their sole mate go back away.

The older children groan (much like you should be at my jokes) as they drag their giant baskets full of laundry towards their rooms to hang it up.

I hang up Anna's and some of Cole's (his closet rod is out of his reach still, but it won't be for long, muah ha ha!).

I don't care for any of my older children doing their own laundry .. not yet, anyways. If they did their own laundry, their dirty laundry piled up somehwere would drive me at least slightly bonkers. That, and, I want to be able to use my machine when I want to use it, darn it!

But Laundry Party!TM saves me from folding 70 of the 112 socks we use in a week (I still do Charlie's, David's and Mine). As I am madly putting away the things my children are throwing my direction, they do the majority of the sorting of the Mountain. It contains at LEAST 70 shirts, 50 pairs of pants, 56 pairs of underwear, 29 pairs of pjs in a given week. And what I do sort, I dont' have to reach for because there are miniature Laundry Technicians stationed at all points of the holding platform.

I guess I felt like getting technical, there.

So that is what OUR family does at some point Sunday afternoon or evening. I hope you enjoyed.

The children may groan about it now, but I *know* they will look back fondly on it in 20 ... or.. maybe 30 years :)


  1. That sounds awesome!!!

    I will definitely have to start having Laundry Parties when D-man is older. Great idea!!!

  2. So awesome! What an excellent way to make a seemingly endless chore a bit more fun....even if it's only to see the kids faces when you remind them.

  3. !! I should so start having laundry parties!! :D

    Totally awesome.

  4. that's such a good idea!! laundry is my 2nd least favourite "chore" (dishes being first) but your laundry party sounds awesome!! I'm going to try it :) :)

  5. Thanks for your great comment on my post! And yes, they are exactly one day apart! Lucy is the 22nd.

    We have a version of this party as well--when I get behind on folding we pile it all on a blanket in the basement in front of the sectional and we fold while we watch a show. I think we are alike--we have lots of clean clothes, but not enough time to sit and fold it! If our bed were closer to the laundry room (it's two floors up) I'd definitely use your idea!

  6. Oh, and let me know what you think of Kevin Henkes, okay?!